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Voter Registration in Escambia County
as of 10/31/2017

Affiliation Voters
Republican 92,598
Democrat 70,338
No Party Affiliation 41,478
Minor Parties 1,138
Total 205,552  

Our Mission:

"To ensure all qualified citizens are free to exercise their fundamental right to vote in open, impartial and secure elections."

How to Vote

Voting in Florida has never been easier. In most elections, you can vote one of three ways:

1) VOTE EARLY: You can vote early by appearing in person at the Elections office or any of our other early voting locations in Escambia County beginning a minimum of 10 days before Election Day, using our DS200 digital scan voting machine (an AutoMARK ballot marking device is available for voters with disabilities). For complete information on early voting dates, times and locations, click here prior to each election.

2) VOTE BY MAIL: By requesting an absentee ballot before the scheduled election, you can vote through the mail. Request a mail ballot online, by contacting our office by phone, or by mail. Just make sure to make your request before the deadline — 6 days before Election Day (the Wednesday before a Tuesday election). Your ballot must be received in the Elections Office no later than 7:00 pm on Election Day. For complete information on voting by mail, click here.

3) VOTE AT YOUR PRECINCT: Finally, you may vote in person at your precinct on Election Day. Don’t know your precinct number or its location? Click here to find it. Polls are open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day.

Photo and Signature ID Requirement

If you choose to vote in person, whether by Early Voting or at your precinct on Election Day, you must present photo and signature identification. Acceptable forms of photo ID are:

If you fail to present proper identification at the polls, you must vote a provisional ballot.

Florida Primary and General Elections

In Florida primary elections, you may only vote for candidates of the party in which you are registered. However, if all candidates for an office are from the same party, and will not face opposition in the general election, then all qualified voters may cast a ballot in the primary, regardless of party affiliation. In the general election, and in non-partisan races or issues, all voters may cast a ballot without regard to political party.

How To Mark Your Ballot

Escambia County uses a paper based digital scan voting system, consisting of ES&S DS200 digital scanners. For persons with disabilities, an AutoMARK ballot marking device is available at each polling place and early voting location. Both are user-friendly methods that make voting both fast and simple.

For the DS200 digital scanners:

For the AutoMARK ballot marking device: